The therapeutic efficacy of two antibabesial strategies against Babesia gibsoni.

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標題The therapeutic efficacy of two antibabesial strategies against Babesia gibsoni.
出版類型SCI(Sciences Citation Index)
AuthorsCheng-Yi Lin, 陳怡伶, Ling-Ling Chueh 闕玲玲, Chao-Nan LIN 林昭男, Li-En Hsieh 謝立恩, & Bi-Ling Su 蘇璧伶
出版日期2011 / 11

Various combination strategies for treating Babesia gibsoni have been described. However,
relapses after administering some combinations of antibabesial drugs and the presence
of drug-resistant B. gibsoni still pose significant challenges to veterinarians. To compare
the efficacy of a combination of clindamycin, diminazene, and imidocarb (CDI) to that of
a combination of atovaquone and azithromycin (AA) for the treatment of B. gibsoni and to
correlate drug efficacy with B. gibsoni mutations, 30 client-owned dogs with natural B. gibsoni
infections were collected in the study. 17 dogs were treated with AA, and 13 dogs were
treated with CDI combination. Hematological parameters were recorded on the day that
the dogs were presented for treatment and during treatment. To detect the parasitic DNA,
the B. gibsoni 18S rRNA gene was amplified, and to analyze the mutations, the cytochrome
b (CYTb) gene was sequenced. The therapy duration for all of the dogs that recovered was
23.3 ± 7.8 days in the AA group and 41.7 ± 12.4 days in the CDI group. Nine of the 17 dogs
in the AA group and 11 of the 13 dogs in the CDI group completely recovered. Seven dogs
in the AA group and 2 dogs in the CDI group relapsed after treatment. The M121I mutation
in the B. gibsoni CYTb gene was detected in all of the samples that were collected
from AA-relapsed and AA-nonremission dogs. The dogs in the CDI group exhibited higher
recovery rates and lower relapse rates during treatment for B. gibsoni infection. In addition,the detected M121I mutation was associated with AA treatment. The CDI combination is a promising alternative treatment strategy for B. gibsoni

期刊名稱Veterinary Parasitology
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