A De Novo Floral Transcriptome Reveals Clues into Phalaenopsis Orchid Flower Development

in Sciences Citation Index(SCI), 科學引文索引資料庫(SCI)
標題A De Novo Floral Transcriptome Reveals Clues into Phalaenopsis Orchid Flower Development
出版類型SCI(Sciences Citation Index)
AuthorsChen-Yu Lee, 李鎮宇, Shih Wen Chin 金石文, & Fure-Chyi Chen 陳福旗
出版日期2015 / 5

Phalaenopsis has a zygomorphic floral structure, including three outer tepals, two lateral
inner tepals and a highly modified inner median tepal called labellum or lip; however, the
regulation of its organ development remains unelucidated.We generated RNA-seq reads
with the Illumina platform for floral organs of the Phalaenopsis wild-type and peloric mutant
with a lip-like petal. A total of 43,552 contigs were obtained after de novo assembly. We
used differentially expressed gene profiling to compare the transcriptional changes in floral
organs for both the wild-type and peloric mutant. Pair-wise comparison of sepals, petals
and labellum between peloric mutant and its wild-type revealed 1,838, 758 and 1,147 contigs,
respectively, with significant differential expression. PhAGL6a (CUFF.17763),
PhAGL6b (CUFF.17763.1), PhMADS1 (CUFF.36625.1), PhMADS4 (CUFF.25909) and
PhMADS5 (CUFF.39479.1) were significantly upregulated in the lip-like petal of the peloric
mutant. We used real-time PCR analysis of lip-like petals, lip-like sepals and the big lip of
peloric mutants to confirm the five genes’ expression patterns. PhAGL6a, PhAGL6b and
PhMADS4 were strongly expressed in the labellum and significantly upregulated in lip-like
petals and lip-like sepals of peloric-mutant flowers. In addition, PhAGL6b was significantly
downregulated in the labellum of the big lip mutant, with no change in expression of PhAGL6a.
We provide a comprehensive transcript profile and functional analysis of Phalaenopsis
floral organs. PhAGL6a PhAGL6b, and PhMADS4 might play crucial roles in the
development of the labellum in Phalaenopsis. Our study provides new insights into how the
orchid labellum differs and why the petal or sepal converts to a labellum in Phalaenopsis
floral mutants.

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