Explore the Ryukyu Island wells and settlements development of relations

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Explore the Ryukyu Island wells and settlements development of relations
AuthorsJen-Te Chen, 陳仁德, Cheng 鄭春發, & 羅柳墀
會議名稱第 19 屆臺灣地理國 際學術研討會、第四屆亞洲 SUSTEP 國際研討會
出版日期May 15 2015 12:0

Important for the survival of the human settlements development of water resources, the water is also a prerequisite for the selection of livable places. Ryukyu island of coral reef islands, surface water scarcity, even before laying across the sea from Taiwan mains supply, the main water source for the rain and dug wells for groundwater. Wells throughout the island, the people's livelihood and agricultural water supply, which has a very close association with the development of settlements.
This study seniors interviews, reference literature in different periods, the survey of the island settlements distribution, population change and development context streets, and ratio of the distribution of the relative position of the wells. By analysis of topography, geology, climate and human factors, suggesting that the island relevance wells distribution and settlement development. Measurement Survey on the island more than eighty wells existing position, the level of the process, the water level and water quality and other data related to the history and dug from the wells to explore the relevance of the geographical distribution of the geological characteristics, the evolution of the relationship between the wells and settlement development, and understanding of the settlement culture role and so incurred.
The study found that relatively equidistant influence diagram of wells through the development of Ryukyu Island settlement with the distribution of wells have great relevance. But will also understand each well hidden behind the local customs and habits and traces of population changes, and the relevance of the course on the development Liouciou settlements are confirmed wells on settlement development plays a very important role.

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