A Research on the Development of New Markets for Domestic-Produced Fresh Produce

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題A Research on the Development of New Markets for Domestic-Produced Fresh Produce
AuthorsChen, 陳淑恩, Huang 黃文琪, & Cheng Chiu-Kuei 鄭秋桂
出版日期Nov 4 2014 12:0

The food self-sufficiency rate of Taiwan was only 31% in 2010 and the government target is to reach 40% in 2020. One of the approaches taken was to encouraging the consumption of domestically produced food items. This research investigated the potential for creating new demand and markets of food product produced in Taiwan. Survey of consumers of convenience stores and managers of supermarkets and hy-permarkets revealed that important attributes of new food product are convenience, health, nutrition, and leisure. The suggestions of strategies to create new uses of local produce include: use food education to promote the demand for domestic produce, to promote local food consumption to reduce food mile; and to create new products. Based on new demand for convenience, the new product categories could include rice flour; processed rice flour, frozen foods; products to meet the demand for convenience store such as: rice balls (onigiri) dumpling; meal boxes, salad, fresh-cut vegetable and fruits. For health conscious consumers, oatmeal, rice flour, rice milk, soy milk, and organic foods could be created. For the demand for nutricious food, tofu and related products could be considered. And finally for the requirement of snacks and foods for leisure purposes, alternative snack food or food-gift items should be developed.

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