Modified compressive sensing approach for GNSS signal reception in the presence of interference

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標題Modified compressive sensing approach for GNSS signal reception in the presence of interference
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AuthorsChung-Liang Chang, 張仲良
出版日期2016 / 4

Pre-processing traditional navigation signals in
global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receivers
includes the conversion of an analog-to-digital sample and
acquisition following the basic principle of Nyquist sampling
theory. This condition inevitably increases the system
computation time and cost of a modern wideband receiver.
In recent years, the compressive sensing (CS) approach has
been proven to effectively reduce the number of measurement
samples required for digital signal acquisition
systems. This method gives new potential to this modern
design. In this study, a modified compressive sensing
algorithm for the acquisition of a GNSS signal that is
contaminated by an interfering signal is presented. The
proposed method attempts to combine CS demodulation
and the subspace projecting method to enhance GNSS
signal acquisition performance with interference present.
First, the received signal is sub-sampled and aliased from a
compressive sampling process. This operation maintains
the restricted isometry property (RIP) condition of the
second sampling process using a Toeplitz-structured sensing
matrix, which replaces a conventional random sensing
matrix. The matrix ensures that distances between desired
signals on the set of sparse space are not influenced by the
sampling process. Next, the interference is eliminated
through the orthogonal feature between the interference
signal and the desired signal using the subspace projecting
method. This also preserves the RIP of the projecting
matrix to ensure that the original structure of the linear
projection of the signal is preserved. After this, an iterative least-square method is utilized to recover the correlator
output from the reception samples taken by the CS
demodulator. In addition, the signal detection performance
in the presence of co-channel interference using a CS
demodulator is analyzed and evaluated. Finally, the relationships
between signal detection probability, compressive
factor and signal bandwidth are also illustrated.
Several numerical results are presented to verify the theory.

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