Design of a mowing robot and implementation of its dead reckoning system

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標題Design of a mowing robot and implementation of its dead reckoning system
AuthorsChen Yang, 楊晨, & Chung-Liang Chang 張仲良
出版日期2016 / 1

This study presents a prototype design of electric mowing robot. Its core system consists of a microcontroller,
sensing modules (including ultrasonic sensors, laser range finder, electronic compass, and odometer),
and power module, which allows the robot the ability to travel independently and complete obstacle avoidance. The
data fed back by the electronic compass and odometer module can help obtain the heading of robot. Through dead
reckoning, the dual motors can be driven in real time to adjust speed and position, and the information sent back by
the laser ranging finder can provide information to the robot to determine areas that have not been mowed. The
ultrasonic sensors are to perform obstacle avoidance capabilities. The dual front-motors of robot are driven by
direct-current (DC) pulse width modulation (PWM) modules, while the mowing device trimmer head, installed at
the bottom of the robot, uses jagged blade and a mowing plate. At the side of the mowing plate, a baffle is installed
to avoid weeds and small stones. The heading control system can be implemented through a graphical user interface
(GUI) for remote operation to perform manual and automatic mowing. The experimental results suggest that, in
modified mowing paths, the ranging error of the mowing robot designed in this study is 3.2±0.1 (standard deviation
[SD]) cm, and its maximum mowing coverage rate is about 90 %.

期刊名稱International Journal of Control Theory and Applications
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