Indigenous community voices for aging in place: A Study of the Makotaay community in Taiwan

in International Symposium (Abstract oral presentation), 國際研討會(摘要口頭發表)
標題Indigenous community voices for aging in place: A Study of the Makotaay community in Taiwan
AuthorsHsu, 許俊才
出版日期Oct 24 2016 12:0

Taiwan has been an aging society since 1993 and the issues of economic security and social care for older people have been widely discussed in recent decades. ‘Aging in Place’ is the key policy for developing long-term care services in Taiwan and article 24 of ‘The Indigenous Peoples Basic Law’ places emphasis on the establishment of comprehensive and long-term health care for indigenous people to promote and protect indigenous living quality in terms of health and social care. Therefore, this study aims to explore the needs assessment and the operational service strategies of aging in place in remote indigenous areas?such as Makotaay. This tribal area is located on the middle-eastern coast of Taiwan and is the home of the Amis people, who are one of sixteen Taiwanese indigenous groups. The study will adopt community-based participatory action research. It will investigate the experience of other countries and relevant policies in terms of aging in place for indigenous peoples and discover the distribution of aging in place resources in indigenous areas such as ‘Makotaay. In addition, the study will employ documentary analysis, in-depth interviews and participant observation to analyze the care needs and cultural care of the tribal people, and explore the contemporary mainstream long-term services and their problems.

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