The Impact of Green Building on Performance of the Residential Construction in Taiwan

in Foreign journals(other), 國外期刊(其他)
標題The Impact of Green Building on Performance of the Residential Construction in Taiwan
AuthorsHenry H.Y. Hsieh, 謝惠元, & Su 蘇惠娟
期刊The Ymc Management Review
出版日期2014 / 12

This research analyzes the benefit and influence of green building on the construction industry in Taiwan using Structure-Conduct-Performance (S-C-P) model. A sample of 260 observations in the 20 cities and counties in Taiwan during 2000-2012 was tested by Pooled Cross-Sectional Time-Series regression model. We used Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) and Two Stage Least Squares (2SLS) to analyze the impact of the supply side, demand side and green building on the behavior and performance of the construction industry in Taiwan. The results indicated that green building had spillover effects on the construction performance. The certified candidates of green building were positively significant to construction completions, indicating that green building will influence construction performances. In addition, Steel Structure buildings were positively significant to completions, indicating that the focus of construction in Taiwan had changed to safer and greener building since Steel Structure building is theoretically greener and safer than RC Structure. Recently the number of steel structure building in creased remarkably. The depth of green buildings represents sustainable buildings. But the depth of green buildings were not consistent with the development in Taiwan. The depth of green buildings also implies the efforts of corporate social responsibility. The declining of green depth implies that developer should make more efforts on the green buildings. We found that green building had gradually been a paradigm of the construction industry. However, to promote the green building should not confine on the attainment of green certificate only. Instead we should consider green equivalent, measuring how much green activity developer dedicated to. Green building will enhance the value of the building; therefore green building will be an advantageous strategy to developers. The study suggested that developers could use the strategies of green building to differentiate with others. In addition green building as social responsibility is a lever to strengthen competitiveness.

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