Bacterial Communities of Three Saline Meromictic Lakes in Central Asia

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標題Bacterial Communities of Three Saline Meromictic Lakes in Central Asia
出版類型SCI(Sciences Citation Index)
AuthorsBayanmunkh Baatar, B. B., Pei-Wen Chiang P. - W. C., Denis Yu Rogozin D. Y. R., Yu-Ting Wu 吳羽婷, Ching-Hung Tseng C. - H. T., Cheng-Yu Yang C. - Y. Y., Hsiu-Hui Chiu H. - H. C., Bolormaa Oyuntsetseg B. O., Andrey G. Degermendzhy A. G. D., & Sen-Lin Tang S. - L. T.
期刊PLOS One
出版日期2016 / 3

Meromictic lakes located in landlocked steppes of central Asia (~2500 km inland) have
unique geophysiochemical characteristics compared to other meromictic lakes. To charac-
terize their bacteria and elucidate relationships between those bacteria and surrounding
environments, water samples were collected from three saline meromictic lakes (Lakes
Shira, Shunet and Oigon) in the border between Siberia and the West Mongolia, near the
center of Asia. Based on in-depth tag pyrosequencing, bacterial communities were highly
variable and dissimilar among lakes and between oxic and anoxic layers within individual
lakes. Proteobacteria, Bacteroidetes, Cyanobacteria, Actinobacteria and Firmicutes were
themost abundant phyla, whereas three genera of purple sulfur bacteria (a novel genus,
Thiocapsa and Halochromatium) were predominant bacterial components in the anoxic
layer of Lake Shira (~20.6% of relative abundance), Lake Shunet (~27.1%) and Lake Oigon
(~9.25%), respectively. However, few known green sulfur bacteria were detected. Notably,
3.94% of all sequencing reads were classified into 19 candidate divisions, which was especially high (23.12%) in the anoxic layer of Lake Shunet. Furthermore, several hydro-parameters (temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, H2S and salinity) were associated (P< 0.05) with variations in dominant bacterial groups. In conclusion, based on highly variable bacterial composition in water layers or lakes, we inferred that the meromictic ecosystem was characterized by high diversity and heterogenous niches.

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