Study on the growth traits in eighth-month beans (Vigna unguiculata L.)

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標題Study on the growth traits in eighth-month beans (Vigna unguiculata L.)
AuthorsHao-Jun Chen, 陳昊鈞, Yi Shen Ooi 黃奕勝, Min-Li Liu 劉敏莉, & Yun-Yang Chao 趙雲洋
出版日期2017 / 4

Eighth-month bean is a variant form of cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp] and is an important component in sacrifice ceremonies in Taiwanese Plains Aboriginal culture. Among the different colors of eighth-month bean, purplish pods contain a relatively high content of anthocyanins and are rich in nutrients. However, the seed phenotype of eighth-month bean varies, and currently, little is known about the association of seeds with plant henotypes and that of plant phenotypes with pod colors. This study distinguished the external appearance of seeds into three different types: brown seeds, seeds with variegated markings, and black seeds; this study also investigated the leaves, flower color, flowering time,pod color, pod length, weight of single pods, and number of seeds in plants grown from the different types of seeds. The results showed that plants grown from brown seeds had deep-green leaves with obvious leaf veins, light-purple flowers, and seed pods with six different colors (deep purple, light purple, purplish green, white, light green, and deep
green). Among these, light-green and deep-green seed pods were the longest at approximately 29 cm,while white pods were the shortest at approximately 21 cm. The heaviest single pod weight (17.5 g) and the largest average number of seeds (16.7) were found in deep-green pods. Plants grown from seeds with variegated markings had light-green leaves, deep-purple flowers, and light-green and light-purple pods. The light-green pods were the longest (29.7
cm), heaviest (16.2 g), and with the most number of seeds (17.3). Plants grown from black seeds had light-green leaves with non-obvious veins, white flowers, and deep-green seeds and had a pod length of 30.6 cm, a pod weight of 15.2 g, and an average number of 18.7 seeds. The test for determining the anthocyanin content showed that anthocyanin was undetectable in plants with green leaves or green pods and that it could only be detected in plants with purple or white pods.

期刊名稱International Journal of Advanced Scientific Research and Management
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