Study on the acupuncture points of rats

in Domestic Conference (poster summary), 國內研討會(摘要海報發表)
標題Study on the acupuncture points of rats
Authors, 郭奕成, 黃曉琦, 鄭同寶, 高宗桂, & Tsai 蔡清恩
出版日期May 14 2016 12:0

The purpose of this study was to establish the acupuncture points for rat model that may be used as criteria for animal research in acupuncture field for comparison medicine in human disease. The four SPF male rats were anesthetized by Zoletil 50 and were used to search the acupuncture points in whole body once a week for consecutive four weeks. The animal was reared in 21 ± 2℃, 50-70% in humidity and 8-12 time/hr in ventilation rate. The total acupuncture points were tested for 42 points. The strength range of points was between 21 and 35 numeric. The No.1 Shuigou and No.18 Sanyinjiao was higher value in rats that mean (n = 4) value was 29.4 and 29.1, respectively. This method could be used as confirmed the anatomical location of acupuncture points, which quickly find the location of acupuncture points.

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