Cambial Variants in the Family Menispermaceae in Taiwan

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標題Cambial Variants in the Family Menispermaceae in Taiwan
AuthorsSheng-Zehn Yang, 楊勝任
出版日期2016 / 1

Anatomical data regarding the climbing modes and cambial variants of the stem transverse section
in the Menispermaceae in Taiwan are lacking. Here, we examined the climbing modes and
anomalous structure of climber stems in this family. Reviewing the previous reports of cambial
variants in angiosperm liana families, a list of angiosperm liana families processing specified
types of cambial variants and the terms based on description for the transverse section of a stem
were provided. The results show that Cocculus laurifolius DC. is a shrub, Stephania cephalantha
Hayata and Stephania longa Lour. are vines, and the remaining 13 species are lianas. In all species,
the climbing mode was twining and dextrorse stems. The anomalous structure of the stem comprised
successive cambia in Cocculus laurifolius, a combination of xylem in plates and dissected
xylem in Cocculus orbiculatus (L.) DC., and xylem in plates in the remaining 14 species. In the genus
Cyclea, parenchyma proliferation from the secondary xylem resulted in the development of 1 -
3 linear lobes in each collateral vascular bundle. The vessel diameter of C. laurifolius is <50 μm
which is the smallest size due to shrub in its life stage. C. orbiculatus had the longest collateral
vascular bundles, longest rays and widest rays. Cyclea ochiaiana (Yamam.) S. F. Huang & T. C.
Huang had the widest collateral vascular bundles. Sinomenium acutum (Thunb.) Rehder & E. H.
Wilson had the highest vessel density. Tinospora crispa (L.) Hook. F. et Thoms develops blunt tubercles
on the epidermis and Stephania tetrandra S. Moore bears conspicuous phellem layer.
Those findings, such as the climbing mode, the features of parenchyma proliferation, the features
of collateral vascular bundles (number, width, length), dimorphic vessels, and size and density of
vessels, highlight new anatomical characteristics for species identification in the Menispermaceae
in Taiwan.

期刊名稱American Journal of Plant Sciences
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