The Anomalous Structure of Stems of Fabaceae Seven Lianas

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標題The Anomalous Structure of Stems of Fabaceae Seven Lianas
AuthorsSheng-Zehn Yang, 楊勝任
出版日期2014 / 1

There is a paucity of information on the occurrence of cambial variants in the lianas of Taiwan,
especially Fabaceae. Therefore, the main objective of the present study was elucidate stem structure of
seven lianas of Fabaceae by using line-drawing and macro-graphs of the cross-section and to compare
variations within the species investigated.
Methods: Stem samples of various diameters were collected mainly from lianas growing in southern
and eastern Taiwan. Collected samples were subjected to histological and macromorphological
investigation by using light microscopy methods.
Results: In all the species investigated, stems were mostly circular in outline in transection except in
Entada rheedii, they were irregular in shape. Cambial variants resulted in the formation of continuous
ring of phloem or it may be in the form of phloem strands embedded within secondary xylem. Ring and
strand included phloem develop in Dalbergia benthamii; strand included phloem in Derris laxiflora,
Millettia pachycarpa and M. reticulata; ring included phloem in Millettia pulchra var. microphylla.
Millettia reticulata is the only species with obvious wider rays. E. rheedii developed concentrically
alternating xylem and phloem structure in larger stem about 15 cm diameter. Mucuna macrocarpa are
concentrically alternating xylem and phloem structure in different size of stem. E. rheedii and M.
macrocarpa have larger vessels than the other species.
Conclusions: Some types of cambium variants had not been found, suggesting that cambium variations
and xylem deposition should be influenced by the relative sizes of the stem.

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