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Classification of the High-Mountain Coniferous Forests in Taiwan

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標題Classification of the High-Mountain Coniferous Forests in Taiwan
出版類型SCI(Sciences Citation Index)
AuthorsSheng-Zehn Yang, 楊勝任
出版日期2012 / 1

Vegetation of boreal coniferous forests has been extensively studied in many
areas of northern Eurasia and North America, but similar forests in the high mountains
of subtropical and tropical eastern Asia have been poorly documented so far. This paper,
focusing on such forests, is the first phytosociological study at a national scale inTaiwan. The releves from the National Vegetation Diversity Inventory and Mapping
Project database were used to define vegetation types of the high-mountain coniferous
forests and to characterize their distribution in Taiwan. Environmental variables such as
aspect, elevation, soil rockiness and slope were related to species composition. Cluster
analysis was used to classify releves and establish groups that were interpreted as nine
associations belonging to two alliances. The alliance Juniperion squamatae represents
woodlands and forests scattered in the subalpine belt, in which Juniperus squamata
dominates the canopy and subalpine meadow species occur in the understorey. The
Abieti kawakamii-Tsugion formosanae alliance includes forests dominated by Abies
kawakamii and Tsuga chinensis var. formosana with shade-tolerant herb species in
the upper montane belt. In addition to regional vegetation description, an identification
key for the studied forests was developed based on the classification tree

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