Soil microbial communities in relation to subtropical forest characteristics

in International Symposium (Abstract oral presentation), 國際研討會(摘要口頭發表)
標題Soil microbial communities in relation to subtropical forest characteristics
AuthorsTesfaye Wubet, T. W., Yu-Ting Wu 吳羽婷, & Francois Buscot F. B.
會議名稱Verhandlungen der Gesellschaft fur Okologie
出版日期Sep 5 2011 12:0

Fungi are essential for maintaining the cycle of nutrients through ecosystems by decomposing
organic material, making it available for plants and other organisms, and improving plant
nutrition through mycorrhizal symbiosis. Knowledge on the diversity and species composition
of fungal communities in a particular ecosystem is crucial to identify the key players and
understand their role in ecosystem functioning. Within the framework of the forest Biodiversity
and Ecosystem Functioning (BEF China) project, based in subtropical China, we investigated the
soil fungal diversity and community structure in a subtropical forest ecosystem along three
forest successional stages using high throughput molecular tools. Soil samples were collected
from comparative study plots established within the Gutianshan National Nature Reserve.
Metagenomic DNA was extracted from the different samples and the fungal ITS rDNA region
was amplified using custom fungal specific primers for pyrosequencing of barcoded amplicons.
High quality sequence reads were extracted and clustered into operational taxonomic units
using cd?hit?454 script at a 97% sequence similarity level and taxonomic assignment of
representative sequences were performed using blast and the NCBI nucleotide taxonomy.
Our results showed that the investigated subtropical forest ecosystem consists of a huge fungal
diversity mainly composed of members of Basidiomycota followed by Ascomycota, whereby
the fungal community composition differs significantly between the forest successional stages.
Multivariate analysis of the fungal community structure in relation to plant and soil related
parameters also indicated significant correlations between different fungal communities, plant
communities and soil parameters. In the presentation, the role of different soil fungal
communities in the functioning of the three forest successional stages of this particular
subtropical forest ecosystem will be discussed.

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