Cellulose waste and Cellulolytic enzymes of anaerobic fermentation of Energy transformation

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Cellulose waste and Cellulolytic enzymes of anaerobic fermentation of Energy transformation
Authorsching wei lee, 李經緯, & Pomin Li 李柏旻
出版日期Apr 5 2010 12:0
會議地點 Fukuoka

The anaerobic digestion of algae can be transformation to a valuable gas, liquid product.Because algal C/N is relatively low impact of the methane concentration,it is necessary to add a high C/N material adjustments. agrowastes of high C/N characteristics can be used in the anaerobic digestion, and is currently re-use of agricultural waste for a living one way to produce ethanol, However, after the alcohol fermentation residue will not fully part of the fermentation of residual waste, if its residual waste and algae and then mixing the secondary will be able to be effectively used.
Algae and agrowastes mixed into anaerobic fermentation system. The methane bacteria in the decomposition of organic materials subject to a 24-hr schedule in order to transformation out of methane gas. Therefore, in this study, the ratio will be adding an appropriate amount of Cellulolytic enzymes to help the anaerobic methane fermentation system transformation time and increase the organic load of the system itself. In 6gVS/l day 35℃ HRT 10 days, under the conditions of the use of algae and agrowastes mixture and add Cellulolytic enzymes from the anaerobic fermentation system, algae, agrowastes mixed with the C/N,from the original 53 to 55:1, adjusted to 20 to 30:1. Methane gas produced by the original of 509 ml/lday to approximately 700 ml/lday or even higher. The addition of Cellulolytic enzymes break down the entire system to help shorten the time of Cellulose. The complete decomposition of organic matter to reduce the time to 24 hr, and improve the system of organic loading. This study showed that C/N adjustment and Cellulolytic enzymes to join, not only can reduce the post through the alcoholic fermentation of agrowastes also algae in anaerobic digestion efficiency.

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