Investigation of the Mixed Fermentation Using Unique Agricultural and Fishery Waste

in International Symposium (Abstract oral presentation), 國際研討會(摘要口頭發表)
標題Investigation of the Mixed Fermentation Using Unique Agricultural and Fishery Waste
Authorsching wei lee, 李經緯, & Pomin Li 李柏旻
出版日期Apr 18 2011 12:0

Taiwan is situated in the subtropical area and surrounded by the ocean, with plenty of marine resources and a wide variety of agricultural products. The rich biological diversity not only is helpful in the development of biomass energy and other related sources of raw materials in Taiwan, but also solves the problem of uncontrollable energy (including biomass) that mostly imports from overseas. Thus, how to effectively expand and utilize the currently available resources is imminent. This study mainly used sargassum cristaefolium and the post-harvest banana waste (banana pedicels) to explore the feasibility of anaerobic fermentation, and thus to investigate the degradation rate of fermentation after adding cellulase. At the first stage, the influences of the characteristics of raw materials composed of C/N ratio on the whole anaerobic fermentation system were experimented. In batch experiments, when the organic load was 4gVS, with a mixture of 1:10 sargassum cristaefolium and banana pedicels, the gas production was 1101.5±0.2ml/h, and the concentration 80%, which was significantly higher than the other mixture proportions. The second stage was adding various amounts of cellulase A-300 (300ml), A-200 (200ml), and A-100 (100ml) to the mixture and comparing with the non-added group (the control group). The results show that the total gas production in A-300, A-200 were 1982ml/h and 1934ml/h respectively, which were also significantly higher than the non-added group of 655ml/h; for the suspended solids in A-300 and A200, the fiber degradation rates were better than the other groups. Thus, adjusting C/N ratios and adding different amounts of enzymes can help improve the fermentation efficiency.

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