The Effect of the Liquid Fermentation Product of Agricus Blazei Murill on Fat Suppression in Rat

in International Symposium (Abstract oral presentation), 國際研討會(摘要口頭發表)
標題The Effect of the Liquid Fermentation Product of Agricus Blazei Murill on Fat Suppression in Rat
Authorsching wei lee, 李經緯, & Pomin Li 李柏旻
出版日期Apr 18 2011 12:0

This study aimed to assess the effects of fat suppression in rats by feeding with the strains of Agricus blazei Murill BCRC36814 in the fermentation liquid broth. Agricus blazei Murill contains βglucan, which is a high molecular weight polysaccharides with mixed bonding, which can lower cholesterol levels and increase HDL-C, decrease in plasma LDL-C function, delay fatigue, and improve motor function. The rats were first divided into Control group C and High-calorie diet group HE and then divided them into three groups, the dose group HE2 (5X), low dose group HE1 (1X), and non-dosing group of HEC (-) respectively. The weight change, food intake, and water intake were recorded and blood sample was collected every 10 days to examine the blood biochemical parameters between each group. After 40 days, rats were sacrificed for collecting blood, liver, and spleen to analyze the concentration of blood inside the triglyceride, total cholesterol, and high density lipoprotein cholesterol. The results of the 40-day experiment showed that, comparing with the no intake of Agricus blazei Murill fermentation solution group, within a particular range of food intake, the does of the experimental group can restrain fat increase. In terms of the lipid profile, the blood biochemical parameters of each group were still within the standard blood biochemical parameters in rats. Based on these results, this Agricus blazei Murill in the fermentation liquid broth by the reaction products can help reduce the weight of the rat. If the advantages of Agricus blazei Murill broth, including fat suppression control, immunity enhancement, and fast fatigue restoration can be used in the functional foods, it may be beneficial to people’s health and life.

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