A 12-year study of wetland species composition changes at Nanren Lake following an alien species invaded

in International Symposium (Abstract oral presentation), 國際研討會(摘要口頭發表)
標題A 12-year study of wetland species composition changes at Nanren Lake following an alien species invaded
AuthorsI-Ling Lai, 賴宜鈴
出版日期Sep 13 2016 12:0

An alien species observed in the protected wetland areas was assumed to have impacts on the changes of species composition. Also the ecological function might have been affected. These were never investigated in a wetland of protected areas. The objectives of this research are attempted to identify the changes of species composition and evaluate the ecological functions of wetland after 12 years invading of an alien species in the wetland of Nanren Lake in the Kenting National Park, Southern Taiwan. The alien species, Panicum repens, was firstly recorded at 2000 year. The individual of the alien species is rare. However, the abundance of the alien species was dramatically changed from 2% to 70% between 2000 and 2012. The result was obtained from the resurveys of 52 one meter square sample plots established in 2000. The mean coverage of sample plots was dominated by Leersia hexandra in 2000 year and that was dominated by P. repens in 2012 year. 62 aquatic plant species were recorded in 2000 years, but only 40 aquatic plant species was observed in the sample plots and the other 22 species was disappear in the sample plots. An inventory on the wetland around the lake is not able to find the 22 disappeared species. In addition, 8 aquatic plant species were newly recorded in 2012 year. The changes of aquatic species compositions were related to the invading of alien species. P. repens is a large perennial herbs and the abundance presented seasonal fluctuation. The above ground biomass of P. repens is accumulated from spring to autumn and is diminished during winter. The litter of P. repens accumulated to silt the wetland and to inhibit the growth of native aquatic plant species. Consequently, the area of marsh was increased by the deposition of the litter of P. repens. The water levels were reduced and the terrestrial plants were observed in the sample plots in 2012 year. Therefore, invaded alien species seriously damages the ecology of native wetland by excludes of native aquatic plant species and changes of water level.

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