Physical inactivity and activity patterns among Taiwanese secondary students

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標題Physical inactivity and activity patterns among Taiwanese secondary students
AuthorsMing-Hung Chen, 陳敏弘
出版日期2017 / 2

In the present study, we examined the status of physical inactivity and activity patterns among a sample of Taiwanese secondary school, incorporating the cluster analytic approach. The three research goals were (a) to compare gender and age differences in sedentary behaviour patterns, (b) to examine correlations of forms of sedentary behaviour (i.e. computer/Internet, playing video games, doing homework, leisure reading, sitting and talking, listening to music, talking on the telephone, and watching television), and with physical activity participation levels, and (c) to compare whether cluster groups of students with distinct sedentary activity patterns differ in physical activity pattern. A sample of 757 secondary school students aged 12–15 years from 8 Taiwanese schools in southern part of Taiwan took part in the study. The results of cluster analysis revealed five clusters, with distinct patterns of sedentary activities. There was no difference in terms of physical activity participation across these five clusters. The overall results suggest that the link between sedentary behaviour and physical activity is weak, concurring with previous findings.

期刊名稱International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology
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