An establishment on the hazard mitigation system of large scale landslides for Zengwen reservoir watershed management in Taiwan

in International Symposium (poster summary), 國際研討會(摘要海報發表)
標題An establishment on the hazard mitigation system of large scale landslides for Zengwen reservoir watershed management in Taiwan
AuthorsMing-Hsi Lee, 李明熹, T. K. - J., C. Y. - R., H. M. - H., & Y. C. - C.
出版日期Apr 17 2017 12:0

Extremely heavy rainfall with accumulated rainfall amount more than 2900mm within continuous 3 day event
occurred at southern Taiwan has been recognized as a serious natural hazard caused by Morakot typhoon in august,
2009. Very destructive large scale landslides and debris flows were induced by this heavy rainfall event. According
to the satellite image processing and monitoring project was conducted by Soil & Water Conservation Bureau
after Morakot typhoon. More than 10904 sites of landslide with total sliding area of 18113 ha were significantly
found by this project. Also, the field investigation on all landslide areas were executed by this research on the basis
of disaster type, scale and location related to the topographic condition, colluvium soil characteristics, bedrock
formation and geological structure after Morakot hazard. The mechanism, characteristics and behavior of this large
scale landslide combined with debris flow disasters are analyzed and Investigated to rule out the interaction of
factors concerned above and identify the disaster extent of rainfall induced landslide during the period of this study.
In order to reduce the disaster risk of large scale landslide and debris flow, the adaption strategy of hazard
mitigation system should be set up as soon as possible and taken into consideration of slope land conservation,
landslide control countermeasure planning, disaster database establishment, environment impact analysis and
disaster risk assessment respectively. As a result, this 3-year research has been focused on the field investigation
by using GPS/GIS/RS integration, mechanism and behavior study regarding to the rainfall induced landslide
occurrence, disaster database and hazard mitigation system establishment. In fact, this project has become an
important issue which was seriously concerned by the government and people live in Taiwan. Hopefully, all results
come from this research can be used as a guidance for the disaster prevention and hazard mitigation program
operated by local government and reservoir watershed management in southern Taiwan.

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