Tourism competitiveness index of the Asia-Pacific region through consistency analysis

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標題Tourism competitiveness index of the Asia-Pacific region through consistency analysis
AuthorsSHU-YI LIAW, 廖世義, & Jean-Luc Pradel Mathurin 江路克
出版日期2016 / 10

The world’s economy shifts to a more competitive environment as globalization
expands and countries have to adjust by making decisions to improve their
competitiveness in all sectors. The Travel and Tourism Report, a useful tool
facilitating policy-making and business decisions, allows entities to envision their
ranking in the face of the travel and tourism through the creation of a
competitiveness index. Focusing on Asia and the Pacific, this paper intends to
investigate internal consistency of the constructs based on data analysis techniques
such as correlation and reliability, essentials to broader acceptance of the index.
The results indicate that high linear association between index and pillars leads
ultimately to good level of consistency and highlight the lack of relationship
between overall consistency and inter-class consistency. It is suggested to pay close
attention to unidimensionality of constructs and inter-relation between variables
while building an indicator system as it increases its reliability.

期刊名稱Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research
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