Fungal assemblage of rotted heartwood of Cyclobalanopsis pachyloma

in International Symposium (Abstract oral presentation), 國際研討會(摘要口頭發表)
標題Fungal assemblage of rotted heartwood of Cyclobalanopsis pachyloma
AuthorsYu-Ting Wu, 吳羽婷, Yu-Ting Wu 吳羽婷, WitoonPurahong W. P., Witoon Purahong W. P., Ya-Chien Lin 林雅倩, Ya-ChienLin Y. - C. L., & Chaur-Tzuhn Chen J. C. C.
出版日期Jul 11 2018 12:0

Forest thinning is an important silvicutural approach to strengthen forest growth and
to avoid pathogen attack in terms of forest management. Trees attacked by fungal pathogens can cause severe heart-wood decay and even hollows in the trunks. The damage usually do not immediately change the appearance or growth of the trees, it is therefore easily ignored. Cyclobalanopsis pachyloma is one of the ubiquitous economic tree species in forests of south Taiwan. Currently it has been frequently found that the heart-wood of C. pachyloma severely decayed without any appearance change in a tropical secondary forest. Decayed heart-wood of growing trees is usually caused by fungal pathogens, in order to disentangle the complete pathogenic fungal assemblage, deep sequencing of ITS amplicons by PacBio RSII are approached. After stringent quality check of sequences, a total of 24,096 quality-filtered sequences, ranged 500-1000bp were obtained. 422 observed OTU richness including 213 singletons. The assemblage was dominated by Basidiomycota (49.4%), followed by Ascomycota (18.8%) and Mucoromycota (0.3%). Among the observed OTUs, we have identified 57 pathogens with Trichoderma harzianum as the most dominant species while 147 saprotrophs and 13 pathotroph-saprotroph were with Porogramme albocincta and Rhodotorula sp. as the most dominant species, respectively. The results can provide not only fungal pathogenic information which causes heart-wood rot of C. pachyloma but also suggest that thinning is indeed a necessary strategy to avoid pathogen infection in forest management.

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