Effects of Various Leguminous Intercrops on Maize Yield

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標題Effects of Various Leguminous Intercrops on Maize Yield
出版類型SCI(Sciences Citation Index)
AuthorsPin-Hua Lin, 林品華, Miao-Sen Huang 黃淼森, & Yun-Yang Chao 趙雲洋
出版日期2018 / 10

Intercropping increases a field’s utilization rate and maintains soil fertility. By comparing the single cropping of corn (SCC) with the intercropping of corn with three leguminous crops; i.e., mung bean (CM), black soybean (CB), and peanut (CP), this study investigated the effects of various leguminous intercrops on corn growth and yield. The experiment results indicate that intercropping corn with the mentioned leguminous crops increases the plant height, leaf area, and relative growth rate of the corn. In addition, the average single ear weight was 14.6%, 15.93%, and 22.1% higher in the CB, CM, and CP, respectively, when compared with that in the SCC, suggesting that the intercropping of corn with peanut is most beneficial for corn yield. Moreover, the number of rhizobia in the CP was 4.0 and 5.9 times the numbers in the CM and CB during the harvest period; the highest soil nitrogen content was also found in the CP (147.5 mg/kg), 2.0–2.2 times those in the other arrangements. This suggests that the abundant rhizobia on peanut roots increase the nitrogen content of soil and substantially boost corn yield. Intercropping corn with a leguminous crop thus increases both the growth and yield of the corn; compared with mung bean and black soybean, peanut was discovered to maximize growth and yield benefits as the most profitable intercrop.

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