Numerical Simulation of Ventilation System within Armored Vehicle Cabin

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標題Numerical Simulation of Ventilation System within Armored Vehicle Cabin
AuthorsCHIN-LUNG CHANG, 張金龍, Tai 戴昌賢, Tsai Chien-Hsiung 蔡建雄, Wang Y.R. 王玉仁, & Hon Q.S. 洪欽山
出版日期2007 / 1

This paper utilizes computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to investigate the ventilation system within the cabin of an armored vehicle. Commerical ICEM/CFD software is employed to construct a model of the armored vehicle and FLUENT simulation software is applied to a turbulence model to perform steady-state and unsteady-state analysis of the ventilation system under various imposed housing temperature conditions. The simulation results provide a complete analysis of the temperature distributions, velocity vectors, PMV indices, and local mean age of air in the cabin under steady-state conditions. In the unsteady state, the air emission speed increases with increasing temperature when the housing is assumed to be isothermal. Therefore, incorporating a heater within the housing is likely to enhance the discharging of unclean. In the case of a heat insulating housing, the air emission speed is bounded by the emission speeds of the isothermal 10°C and 30°C
housing temperature cases. Therefore, there is no clear correlation between the insulated and isothermal cases. The unsteady-state analysis results are also applicable to general heat insulating films. Hence, the present results provide a valuable contribution to the development of enhanced ventilation systems for industrial or military applications.

期刊名稱Journal of Flow Visualization and Image Processing
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