Experimental Investigation of High-resolution Injection Technique in Microfluidic Chips

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標題Experimental Investigation of High-resolution Injection Technique in Microfluidic Chips
出版類型SCI(Sciences Citation Index)
AuthorsYao-Nan Wang, 王耀男, Chiu-Feng Lin 林秋豐, Shou-Tsung Wu 吳守從, CHIN-LUNG CHANG 張金龍, Han-Taw Chen 陳寒濤, Tsai Chien-Hsiung 蔡建雄, & Fu Lung-Ming 傅龍明
出版日期2006 / 1

This paper presents an experimental investigation on the use of high-resolution injection techniques
to deliver sample plugs within electrophoresis microchips. Two novel injection microfluidic chips are
proposed, which employ conventional cross-shaped and U-shaped injection system combined with an
expander to deliver high-quality sample plugs for detection in separation channel. The valving characteristics
on microfluidic devices are controlled through appropriate manipulations of the electric potential strengths
during the sample injection and separation steps. These novel injection techniques developed in this study has
an exciting potential for use in high-quality, high-throughput chemical analysis applications and in many other
applications throughout the field of micro-total-analysis systems.

期刊名稱Materials Science Forum
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