Micromixer Utilizing Electrokinetic Instability-Induced Shedding Effect

in Sciences Citation Index(SCI), 科學引文索引資料庫(SCI)
標題Micromixer Utilizing Electrokinetic Instability-Induced Shedding Effect
出版類型SCI(Sciences Citation Index)
AuthorsTai, 戴昌賢, Fu Lung-Ming 楊瑞珍, Huang Min-Zhong 黃銘宗, Liu C.W. 劉家瑋, Tsai Chien-Hsiung 蔡建雄, & Fu Lung-Ming 傅龍明
出版日期2006 / 12

This paper presents a T-shaped micromixer featuring 45°parallelogram barriers(PBs) within the mixing channel. The presented device obtains a rapid mixing of two sample fluids with conductivity ratio of 10:1 (sample concentration:running buffer concentration) by means of the electrokinetic instability-induced shedding effect which are produced when a direct current(DC) electric field of an appropriate intensity is applied. The presented device uses a single high-voltage power source to simultaneously drive and mix the sample fluid. The effectiveness of the mixer is characterized experimentally as a function of the applied electrical field intensity and the extent to which the PBs obstruct the mixing channel. The experimental results indicate that the mixing performance reaches 91% at a cross-section located 2.3mm downstream of the T-junction when the barriers obstruct 4/5 of the channel width and an electrical field of 300V/cm is applied. The micromixing method presented in this study provides a simple low-cost solution to mixing problem in lab-on-a-chip systems.

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